David Tutera Wedding Rings Fair on Sears

david tutera wedding rings

David Tutera wedding rings have been receiving a good deal of popularity lately. Adding up to his line of works, such as designer of bridal fashion, wedding planner, authors, professional speakers, and TV show host, he also designs wedding rings. Having been in the wedding business for 25 years, David Tutera seems to have endless love to show, which is clearly visible on his wedding ring settings. In fact, every David Tutera wedding line conveys eternity in cherishing a brighter future, heirloom in love history creation, legacy in love story continuation, and radiance in being the center of attention. In his own way, David Tutera works on passing love on every of his wedding ring because he believes that every design is as unique as the love story of every couple.

David Tutera Women Wedding Rings

Collaborating with Sears, David Tutera wedding rings are displayed for you. The sets of engagement ring and wedding band are on the David Tutera bridal collection, available in such a mixture of selection to meet every unique personality and style. The price range of David Tutera wedding ring collection for women is somewhere between $399.99 and $4,799.99. Here are some of the engagement and wedding rings by David Tutera:
14-karat white gold bridal set with princess cut certified diamonds (3/4 ct. TW, G-H, I1-I2, about $3,000)
14-karat white gold bridal set with four certified diamonds (1 ct. TW, G-H, I1-I2, about $4,300)
10-karat yellow gold bridal set with certified diamonds (1/4 ct. TW, G-H, I1-I2, about 1,000)

david tutera wedding rings at sears David Tutera Wedding Rings Fair on Sears

David Tutera Men Wedding Rings

While David Tutera bridal rings have been receiving so much of recognition and admiration, men wedding rings do not seem to get enough attention of the designer. However, Sears offers these collections of wedding band for men:
Sterling silver (about $100)
Tungsten carbide (about $253)
Blue silver stainless steel (6.3 grams, about $40)
Carbon fiber and stainless steel with round bezel set diamond (about $300)
Cobalt with round diamonds (1/10 ct. TW, I-J, I3, about $300)
Tungsten carbide and black PVD (about $2,500)
Stainless steel and gold PVD (about $153)
Brushed titanium (about $200)

david tutera engagement rings sears 1 David Tutera Wedding Rings Fair on Sears

David Tutera and His Wedding Ring Fair

Sears offers one stop wedding shopping, indeed. Expectedly, David Tutera has made his mind in having his wedding ring fair on Sears. Making up for his unavailable stock of wedding rings for men, his bridal collections are widely obtainable on the fair. Besides, the designer and retailer both have the same benchmarks: quality and reasonable price. As traditionally men do the shopping for the engagement ring, David Tutera’s fair on Sears is beneficial because diamond wedding rings for women and men are available at one stop. Furthermore, do not forget to check the genuine sign of David Tutera’s rings: the sapphire signature, which mostly is on the inside part of the band depending on the style. Just as the designer always has his way to attend each bride, David Tutera wedding rings capture the “something blue” feeling of every bride and nicely illustrate it.

Picture Gallery of David Tutera Wedding Rings

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