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Lots of people found it is interesting to gaze upon celebs’ wedding ring just like the world famous Wendy Williams wedding ring then eventually ended with the want to get exact same ring. Wendy Williams has an undeniably gorgeous wedding ring stealing the world’s attention. Indeed, after a talk show hosted by Lala Vasquez where Wendy Williams showed her huge and stunning wedding, her popularity become sky rocketed. So what is so special about this actress, Bestselling author of NY Times, as well as media personality host wedding ring? Here are a few key facts about the diamond wedding ring.

Wendy Williams Wedding Ring Replica

Wendy Williams’ bridal ring is known as one of the most famous designer wedding rings around the globe with a huge precious stone, i.e. gorgeous diamonds, and is designed as a vintage ring. It is specially featured with several beautiful diamonds. Its top is adorned with huge diamond in round-cut. The diamond wedding ring was designed with three carats however in her 7th anniversary it was upgraded and set to a seven carat stone along with additional two bands. In order to make the exact replica of Wendy Williams wedding ring one needs to pay attention to the gemstone type and its size. The ring ornament is a huge 7-carat diamond with a round diamond cut design that adds its brilliance. You need also pay attention to the ring band design. The ring band is unusual since it is not like any common ring band design. In the wedding ring design, Wendy had two different eternity ring bands combined for the of her awe-inspiring ring design. For the ring setting design, vintage ring setting is used for the wedding ring which makes it looks brilliant with the enormous round-cut diamond on the center top of it.

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Wendy Williams Wedding Ring Cost

The next question is: how much does the cost for this type of wedding ring? With the details of the wedding ring set and all discussed above, our common sense might have give us the clue that the wedding ring must be very expensive for even to make a replica of it. Well, according some articles and a little research on the internet, the ring costs approximately $13.000. It is indeed quite a price for a ring. However, it is indeed not an ordinary ring. On account of the amount of Wendy Williams wedding ring cost, it is rather difficult to have the replica of that wedding ring with the same brilliant and monstrous rock as the center of attraction for wedding ring.

Wedding Ring of Your Own Design

So, what kind of wedding ring styles that you want for your own wedding ring? By doing some blog walking and small research in the internet you will learn that although the round cut is the most popular cut among any other shapes features in a ring, diamond shape can be designed in various cuts. Womens wedding rings can have other popular shapes such as heart shaped, emerald, princess, marquise, oval, pear shaped, asscher cut, other than round brilliant cut such as the elegant Wendy Williams wedding ring.

Gallery of Wendy Williams Wedding Ring

Dina Fithia September 22, 2013
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